Real Estate Development Checklist & Walkthrough FULL VERSION


Empower your real estate development journey with our comprehensive “Real Estate Development Checklist & Walkthrough”. This complete guide includes the essential content from our free version, PLUS a wealth of exclusive tools and insights gained from decades of industry experience.

With the full version, you’ll unlock:

In-Depth Site Analysis Guidance: This expanded section dives deeper into key considerations before purchasing a property for development. Avoid costly mistakes and uncover hidden opportunities with our expert guidance.

Property Maximization Strategies: Learn how to navigate government constraints and opportunities to extract the maximum potential from your properties.

Expanded Development Costs Checklist: We provide a comprehensive guide for real estate developers, so you’ll never be caught off guard by unexpected expenses.

Financing Process Glimpse: Get a look into how we choose to finance and fund our deals.

Permits & Permissions Checklist: We provide a thorough checklist for successful development, ensuring you navigate the legal landscape effectively.

Selling to Builders Guide: Our essential considerations and checklist ensure you’ll be ready to profitably sell your lots to builders.

Before You Build “Bonus Checklist”: This valuable resource helps you set up your Homeowners Association smoothly, preventing common pitfalls.

Exclusive New Construction Contract: Gain access to our ready-to-use contract template for transactions between developers and builders. This tool, tested in real-world scenarios, also includes a standard change order and a detailed Scope of Work for a single-family new construction infill project.

Infill Development Guidance: Learn how to effectively pursue and profit from infill development projects, an often overlooked but lucrative sector of the industry.

Development Process Flow Chart: This one-pager gives you a clear, visual understanding of the development process, acting as a quick reference guide in your day-to-day operations.

The complete “Real Estate Development Checklist & Walkthrough” is more than a guide—it’s a blueprint to success in the complex world of real estate development. Unlock the full guide today and start building your future.